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Barsava Shargh Counter Top Company uses first-class raw materials in the production of its products and according to the supervision of quality unit personnel in various stages, including the entry of raw materials into the factory, during the production process, during packaging and when loading and leaving, the factory guarantees the excellence of its products.

Replacement of defective panels

  • Deformation of the panels, blistering and swelling of the HPL without the intervention of an external agent (according to the experts of the company’s after-sales service unit), is committed for one year from the date of delivery of the goods to the final consumer.
  • Non-observance of installation conditions and also non-observance of safety issues when transporting goods will not be included in the warranty.
  • The warranty form for the products of Barsava Shargh Company is valid only with the seal and signature of the sellers of the cabinet tops, who have a written confirmation of the issuance of the warranty from Barsava Shargh Company, otherwise the company has no obligation.

Easy installation guide

It is recommended to pay attention to the following points before installing the cabinet panels and in order to avoid possible problems:

  • The location of the cabinet panels should be perfectly level during all installation steps.
  • After placing the sink, gas and other accessories that can be installed on the cabinet panels, when cutting, use a fine saw blade with small and close gears and the cutting machine should be set to High Speed.
  • Cut from the back of the panels.
  • Installation of sinks, gas and other installable appliances should be done according to the installation instructions of the above items.
  • In order to prevent water from falling on the panel into the cabinet and to prevent damage to the cabinet panel, seal the location of the equipment installed on the cabinet panels with silicone glue (known in the market as aquarium glue).


Seal the cut area of ​​the cabinet top (raw MDF part of the core inside the cabinet top) completely with silicone glue (aquarium). Make sure that the glue is rubbed completely by hand on the cut part and the cut part (MDF part of the brain inside the cabinet) is completely impregnated with silicone glue (aquarium).

It is hoped that by observing the above, long shelf life and optimal use of this product will be provided.

Barsava Shargh Company produces and offers its products using German technology and expert forces and the best imported and domestic raw materials, and according to foreign standards as well as domestic standards.

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