MDF with wood veneered

This product with dimensions of 1220 mm in 2800 mm and 1220 mm in 2440 mm with different thicknesses (from 8 mm to 32 mm) is one of the products produced by this company. The seams of the covers are sewn by the sealing wheel and no paper adhesives are used.

Features of natural wood veneer

1- Natural veneers are used to cover the doors of simple cabinets or corrugated tools.

2- These veneers are glued on MDF surfaces by carpentry presses with adhesive at a temperature of 58 degrees Celsius. (Barsava Shargh Company can press the coating up to 120 degrees using the latest machines)

3- Coating MDF cabinet surfaces with natural wood is the simplest cabinet coating.

4- Natural veneers have a beautiful design with natural wood textures that create a unique beauty in the kitchen space.

5- Natural veneer is produced from sheets and thin layers of natural wood

6- Natural veneers are used to cover compressed wood sheets such as MDF, plywood, chipboard and fiberboard.

7- In addition, these coatings are also used to design the interior decoration of the house, including wall sconces.

8- Wood veneers have a unique beauty and are liked by many people.

9- These coatings are not resistant to moisture and impact by themselves, but if they use polyester or polyurethane paints, their resistance can be significantly increased.


Design of wood veneered cabinets

Wood veneered cabinets are in the category of classic cabinets, so it is better to use symmetrical models in its design and layout. The symmetry of the cabinets makes the final design more beautiful.
In a classic design, it is important that the sizes and surfaces of the cabinets are regular and uniform. Creating this symmetry in the hood installation section can double the beauty of the kitchen.
Many people like simple designs and patterns for designing wood cabinets, but nevertheless, you can also use a crown, under a lamp and a tool table to make these cabinets. These tools can be used in various designs and shapes such as mouse teeth, Greek style and Roman style.

Painting wood veneered cabinets

Wood veneers are painted in different styles. Patina is one of these styles that usually paint the inside of the work holes darker than other parts of the cabinet door to create a sense of antiquity.

Appearance of natural wood veneered cabinets

These cabinets should basically be made and painted in a way that inspires a sense of purity of natural wood. In wood, beautiful and natural knots can be seen that appear continuously or crescent-shaped on the cabinet door; For this reason, veneers should also be used and painted to show exactly the characteristics of natural wood.

Sample of natural wood veneers

چوب درخت بلوط

چوب درخت سرو

چوب درخت گردو

چوب درخت افرا

چوب درخت راش

چوب درخت ملچ

901 - Maple

A-Glossy / B-Matt

902 - Acorn

A-Glossy / B-Matt

903 - Cypress

A-Glossy / B-Matt


A-Glossy / B-Matt

905 - Beech

A-Glossy / B-Matt

906 - Sandy black

A-Glossy / B-Matt

Barsava Shargh Company produces and offers its products using German technology and expert forces and the best imported and domestic raw materials, and according to foreign standards as well as domestic standards.

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